HIVE CONTROLLER The automated and portable equipment for extracting honeycombs, shaking the bees, and loading with simple process VIEW PRODUCT + SMARTHIVE Vision, Automation and IoT technologies apply Automated Beekeeping system from beginner to expert. VIEW PRODUCT + HORNET GUARD Detects selectively the hornet that damage the beehive by vision technology. VIEW PRODUCT +


" The BEST COMPANY in automated system of agriculture "

DAESUNG prepares the future that better Life through Agriculture.
DAESUNG has been conducting beekeeping research and development under the brand SMARTHIVE.

Daesung Smarthive Hive Controller

2021 CES Robotics Awards


DAESUNG aims for easy beekeeping.

DAESUNG's engineers who is working by brand "SMARTHIVE" develop and work with beekeeping
directly for everyone (non-specialist, men, women) can beekeeping easily.