HIVE CONTORLLER is easy to use for everyone
(beginner to expert) in beekeeping.

That is automated and portable farm equipment for taking out the honeycomb from the beehive, brushing, and stacking. The traditional method is to withdraw the honeycomb from beehive manually, with at least two and up to five people for several days, 800 ~ 1000 honeycombs per 100 beehives. It is hard and inconvenience.

Even beginners of beekeeping can use withdrawing, brushing, stacking, and store the honeycombs at the same time easily and simple by press the button of HIVE CONTROLLER once.

HIVE CONTROLLER makes you to perform that WITHDRAW - BRUSH - STACK & STORE easily at once, with a single process, and automatically with the minimum number of labor.

Work standard Conventional way Hive Controller
Required Manpower 2 people more 1 people
Working Time 120 seconds 60 seconds
Labor Intensity High (handwork) Low (automated)
Proficiency Expert Required Very difficult manpower supply Everyone Easy manpower Supply

Configuration and Specifications

Product specification

•  Product Name : Hive Controller
•  Product Company : DAESUNG
•  Size : 820 x 550 x 515 mm (W x D x H mm)
•  Weight : 9kg / Without Battery
•  Voltage : 24V DC Adaptor (Power Supply) / 24V DC Battery (Optional)
•  Material : Aluminum


•  Body
•  Power Supply
•  Manual
•  Warranty Card
•  Battery pack (Optional)

Product Features

•  Extract the honeycomb from beehive with single button press.
•  Brush automatically the bees where it attached on honeycomb during extract the honeycomb.
•  It can be adjusted in width for use beehives of various sizes.

01. Operation to withdraw

Detecting automatically the honeycomb inside the hive and moves it to the top and pull up. The sensor detects the order in which the hive is placed and pulls the honeycomb to the outside.

02. Shake off the bee

Each honeycomb is pulled out sequentially using a hive controller.
Using two stick brushes rotating at the same time, remove the bees from the honeycomb.

03. Stacking

The honeycomb pulled out from the hive controller is removed and stacked in sequence.

Hive Controller makes Beekeeping easy.

“Even beginners of beekeeping can pull out the honeycomb from the hive and at the same time brushing the bees.
The honeycomb can be loaded and stored outside the beehive. All this is done with a single button press.”

•  To perform the operation working time per beehive is about 1 minute.
•  HIVE CONTROLLER can be adjusted in width for use with beehives of various sizes.
•  HIVE CONTROLLER has been fully implemented, including the ability to adjust the width to allow honeycombs of various sizes to be removed.
•  HIVE CONTROLLER weight is as light as lifted with one hand. (Approx. 11kg)
•  You can choose to use for connect that battery pack or adapter.
•  The battery pack weights about 2kg.
•  The battery pack is optional.
•  You can work in about 50 honeycombs with one battery pack.
•  The brushes (bee brush) attached to the HIVE CONTROLLER is each to put on and take off and can be cleaned at any time.

“Your wrists and arms don't hurt and hard work is greatly reduced If you work the same amount of time,
you can work with at least 30% more beehives than before.”

How it works


Open the cover of the hive and
remove the fabric from the hive.


Put the HIVE CONTROLLER on the hive.




Press Start button.


the honeycombs from hive.


At the same time, Bees are safely
brushed off using two stick brushes.


Hive controller works and pulls
the honeycomb on the hanger.


The finished honeycomb is loaded on
the HIVE CONTROLLER’s hanger automatically.


Collect the loaded honeycomb.


The HIVE CONTROLLER is automated and portable farm equipment for taking out the honeycomb from the beehive.

The HIVE CONTROLLER is making your beehive comfortable and easy. Even the beginner in beekeeping can use then you can save your time and cost when you work with the HIVE CONTROLLER. Your wrist, arm does not hurt. If you work the same time, about 30 ~ 100 percent more hives than ever before.

Yes, it can lift the honeycomb with full of honey and attached lot of propolis and beeswax.

Example Images

If the honeycombs attached with propolis and beeswax hardly like covered it wouldn't lift.

The brushes of HIVE CONTROLLER are soft and designed not to hurt and be safe the bees.

Lift and brush the honeycombs before extract honey.
Check the honeycombs are fine or not infected to see. ETC.

Yes, you can use the HIVE CONTROLLER with various sizes of honeycomb.
You can adjust the various sizes (width) of honeycomb.

One battery pack can work on about 50 hives.

About 2 hours will be taken. You can buy extra battery pack and it is light (2kg).

We suggest that attaching PC FILM on the HIVE CONTROLLER. You can attach on the bottom of HIVE CONTROLLER’s front and back sides. The PC FILM is with Velcro then easy to attach and detach.

The traditional method (bee-brush) is to withdraw the honeycomb from beehive manually, with at least two and up to five people for several days, 800 ~ 1,000 honeycombs per 100 beehives. But with HIVE CONTROLLER makes it easy and convenience. To perform the operation working time per beehive is about 1minute.
Even the beginner can use and need 1 ~ 2 people with HIVE CONTROLLER. Then you can save the cost for labor (worker).
The HIVE CONTROLLER is automatic device. You only need HIVE CONTROLLER, a labor for the set, and the battery pack for extracting the honeycombs.