Why Automated Beehive Gate?

The entrance to the hive is automatically adjusted according to the temperature and humidity.
It is a beekeeping automation device that can control multiple gates at once by monitoring through an application.

In the traditional method, it is done manually, and the entrances of dozens or hundreds of beehives are individually inspected. It was inconvenient to work by hand. The Automated Beehive Gate helps to make the cumbersome beehive entrance to open and close process convenient.

It is possible to monitor and control the condition of beehives in real time through the application for beginners in beekeeping or farms that manage a large number of hives. Beehive management can be done conveniently.

The Automated Beehive Gate controls the entrance by monitoring the temperature and humidity of the hive in real time, and automatically controls the temperature and humidity. It is an automated device that can be controlled.

Configuration and Specifications

Product specification

•  Product Name : Automated Beehive Gate
•  Product Company : DAESUNG
•  Size : 306 x 65 x 60 mm (W x H x D mm)
•  Weight : 555g
•  Power Supply : 18650 Li-ion Battery (Nominal 3.7V-DC) USB (5V-DC)
•  Material : Case – ABS / Frame – Aluminum


•  Body
•  18650 Li-ion Battery
•  Screw (4pcs)
•  Warranty Card
•  Manual

Product Features

Real-time monitoring anytime, anywhere. Automatic, easy and smart control.

01. Automated

Automated Control the gate according to temperature & Humidity

02. Detailed Controlling

Control the gate step by step as you want

03. Remote Control

Remote control the gate (entrance) with application

04. Open & Close to Up & Down

No meddle with the other beehives.

05. Compatible with Water Supplier

It can control automatically

06. Compatible with flowerpot pickers

How to Use


Automated Beehive Gate will open & close according to your setting


Installed the ‘SMART HIVE’ application..


Sign up & log in


Enter the ‘Add Farm’ page and add your farm


Enter the ‘Add Device’ page and add the Automated Beehive Gate with number or QR code


Enter the ‘setting & alarm’ page and setting the temperature & humidity.


Automated Beehive Gate will open & close according to your setting


Alarm appears when the gate has problem or significant thing


Monitoring the condition of beehives in real time


Remote control the gate with application.